In addition to a complete range of pneumatic actuators for on/off and control applications, we also offer hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuators, including fast or slow control, two stroke action, single or double action, with accumulators, redundant versions, etc.


Power Valves & Controls supplies both diaphragm and piston actuators, single or double action, standard open or standard closed.


Hydraulic actuators are often found in situations where 1 hydraulic group, HPU, operates more than one actuator.

Electro-hydraulic actuators are suitable for stand-alone use and in the absence of electricity, are powered by batteries or solar energy.
Our electro-hydraulic actuators are extremely high quality systems, designed for specific applications. They provide very stable control with adjustable speed, acceleration and power.
These actuators can also be equipped with a two-speed function: for example, you can set your valve to close very quickly and your actuator will slow down as the plug approaches the seat.

Both the hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuators can be operated via Bluetooth and are compatible with all prevailing DCS systems.

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